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Tuff Trac® Roof Walkway Systems

An advanced roof top protection system of PVC, EPDM and TPO polymers for both new and existing roofs. Biltrite’s extensive line of roof walkway protection products have been developed to meet the diverse demands of roofing contractors, distributors and OEMs.

Tuff Trac® roof walkways protect underlying roof membranes from damage by necessary foot traffic, inadvertent tool drops or equipment movement. Tuff Trac® products are manufactured with various base polymers including EPDM, TPO and PVC for proper integration with membrane materials.

Tuff Trac® roof walkways are available with diamond plate or herringbone non-slip patterns and have an optional yellow safety edge that conforms to OSHA specifications for “controlled access zones” protecting workers and minimizing liability issues. Biltrite walkways incorporate a blend of homogenous, proprietary UV stabilizers for extended longevity and will not expand or contract like non-reinforced walkways from other manufacturers.

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building products

Tuff Trac PVC Herringbone/Pyramid

Tuff Trac® PVC Herringbone and Pyramid Embossed Patterns

Tuff Trac EPDM  Herringbone

Tuff Trac® EPDM PSA Herringbone Embossed Pattern

Tuff Tracc TPO Herringbone

Tuff Trac® TPO Herringbone Embossed Pattern

Tuff Trac TPO Walkway

Tuff Trac® TPO Diamond Embossed Pattern